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About us

Hello Wonderful Clients,
My name is Rasheen Rodgers but everyone just calls me Sheenie. I am the owner of Rodgers Events and Decor. Rodgers Events and Decor is a reputable party rental business that specializes in birthday parties and baby showers. The family owned business is dedicated to providing a unique experience for our clients.
   We help people create events that they will remember forever. Our party decor services are unmatched and top notch.  We offer exceptional customer service. We work closely with our clients for easy communication. We make use of high quality products. We are reliable and offer prompt service. Rodgers Events and Decor also prides ourselves on being personable and family friendly.  Our company is dedicated to delivering the best possible service to our clients and making sure our customers feel like they are receiving the best experience catered specifically to their party rental needs.
   Our company recognizes that clients are our top priority and we want to make sure that we meet our customers’ expectations while also providing good value.
Rodgers Events and Decor loves to cater to our community and we always strive to make sure that their next event is a fun and memorable one.